DriveBot - Be clever about your car.

DriveBot - Turning Smartphones into an All-Seeing, All-Knowing Mechanic for Your Car.....

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Discover the Amazing New App That Diagnoses Car Problems BEFORE they Become Expensive, Life Interrupting Major Headaches!


“Tired of not being sure about the real, underlying health of your car?”

Fed up with mechanics giving you a long list of expensive things that are wrong with your car and not having any other information to contradict their claims?


Meet Drivebot

Just like the CheckMe Medical TriCorder monitors your body, Drivebot monitors your car’s health and alerts you whenever there’s a problem.

Drivebot works with your car’s OBD-II port, which is available in most cars sold since 1996. Drivebot will connect your car with a smartphone (iOS or Android) via Bluetooth.

DRIVEBOT makes your driving experience become WORRY-FREE

Drivebot can save you hundreds to thousands of Rands on the cost of repairs, which often grow to 10 times or higher the cost when a minor problem is allowed to grow into a major problem.

But this unique app doesn’t just stop there, it also tracks your driving and shows you how to drive smarter and save money on fuel!

“In other words, Drivebot is a device capable of paying for itself many, many times over!”



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