Eyejusters - focus every time!

How can Eyejusters help me?

Computers glasses? Reading glasses? DIY glasses? Hobby glasses? Phones glasses?

Instantly change the lens strength of your reading glasses with hidden dials.

Your eyes used to cope with everything close-up. By turning the eyeDials™, our glasses can bring that back. Choose any lens strength between +0.00 and +3.00 D, so you can see all your activities.

Wouldn't it be great to have a single pair of reading glasses that can do everything you want? The strength of each of the lenses in our glasses can be adjusted with the small, hidden eyeDial™. This lets you choose the best focus for what you're doing, whether it's reading, mobile devices, DIY, hobbies or anything else.

Peek Eye Care

Peek Retina

Peek Retina is our smartphone based ophthalmoscope that enables retinal imaging using a smartphone. It is available to buy and can be used with any smartphone. It is designed to enable your smartphone camera to capture retinal images through a dilated pupil and can be used in any environment from clinical settings to remote rural areas.

Peek Retina has won two platinum awards in the 2017 European Product Design Awards