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Saving your opened wine for longer...

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 FlaVin - 99,9% Oxygen Absorbing Wine Saver


As soon as oxygen makes contact with wine, it begins the process of oxidation. Aka, your wine goes bad (of dit vrot, soos hulle in die Kaap sou sê).

Reds fade and whites darken, the fresh fruity aromas dissipate and the wine becomes ...well...flat. Not good for anyone. That's where a wine preserver comes in.

We are proud to say that Flavin removes 99.9% of oxygen from open wine bottles and keeps it that way for over 30 days. There are no bubbles to blow up or needles to stick in the cork. It's simply an oxygen removing strip and an elegant chrome stopper that seals the bottle and removes all the oxygen with ease.


Flavin is for preserving wine for up to 30 days of freshness!


Get a Flavin Wine Preservation System now and keep your wine fresh, guaranteed.

How sweet is your Sweet?

The NEW Standard for Measuring Sweetness.


Valiber provides you with an answer you didn't have before - How sweet is sweet...?

Valiber Swizzle 1.0 is here for measuring sweetness.


Valiber Swizzle 1.0 is a sweetness measuring tool. Using the Val Scale, it tells you how sweet your drink is; simply stir, taste and learn something you didn't know before - how sweet your drink is.


The Val Sweetness Scale


The Val Sweetness Scale was created to measure sweetness, and indicates the sweeteners concentration through a numeric unit. The point at which sweetness is felt is the sensitivity threshold and is defined as one Val. Twice the sweetness is two Val and so on...