We are an innovation company bringing a diversified portfolio of new technologies to market in the SADC region. Why would we do that?

Simply because you do not live your life in only one market segment!

You have a car, you bank, you look after your health, you save energy - like we do. Our mission is to offer products that are cost effective solutions (across market segments) to improve your quality of life.




Optimizing the value chain for optimum productivity increases and the sustainability of secure food production for all of the 7 billion people on earth.

How do we see our role?

Food Tech


Once produced, the secondary leg of the supply chain either adds or removes value from the product. We strive to cut losses to the minimum to present optimum quality products to the end users. 

Med Tech


Major advances in medical technology bring proper and affordable health care into the reach of more people than before. How do we choose our products?


More Tech


Creating value by filling unmet needs is the only way new inventions are adopted. Our passion enable us to help you make your life better, easier and free up time for the things you love.

What KTG is Doing...

It is our mission here at KTG to make your life better. "How is this possible?" you may ask. We believe that our personal involvement and strict screening processes bring you solutions that you may need in the near future. We all get older and that day arrives for all of us where we say : "Now this is what I need now".


More About Us

Here at Kriel Technology Group (KTG in short) we are driven by your unmet needs. We try to find the products that are not gimmicks and we respect your decision processes. A good investment now will serve you a long way.


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Amazing too see what KTG thinks about. I have been using their products for years and will always check in to see what is new" - David, South Africa